Demand forecasting

Forecasting and predicting are important to help the management with planning. We provide forecasting to help predict how many things will be needed or produced in the future. This helps managers make decisions on how much inventory to order and when to stop production.

Enterprise search

Adding natural language capabilities can be very helpful for customers and users to find what they are looking for more easily within the website or an app. When you type a query, the search engine will try to understand what exactly you are looking for in order to find the best results for your search.

Advanced text analytics

Text analytics helps in extracting information from text, to then make decisions based on its findings. This can be useful for finding insights about customer preferences and interests. It can be used to find correlations which helps companies and organizations make better data driven decisions.

Document analysis

We provide document analysis service which extracts information from any document. It can be used to extract printed text, handwriting, or data (such as contact information). Enabling for faster and smoother workflow.