Virtual reality

Virtual reality

a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional picture or environment that may be interacted with in a supposedly real or physical fashion by a person wearing specific electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves equipped with sensors

Interactive VR

The user may participate with the experience in interactive VR, transforming them from a passive observer to an active participant. You are transported to a completely immersive environment using our technology, which you may (usually) freely explore with six degrees of freedom. This means you can move about, lean down, look around, pick up, play, study, and do whatever you want; it’s a different universe.

360º VR Video

Our 360o VR Video exposes viewers to the heart of a story, allowing them to immerse themselves in a real-life or imaginary situation. 360o video is the most viral type of VR content, having the potential to reach millions, thanks to sites like YouTube and Facebook that support the format.

Volumetric/Photogrammetry VR

We provide Volumetric VR, which recreates the actual world in VR using authentic photographs and video shot of people, locations, and items. This type of VR necessitates the use of a high-end headset, such as the HTC Vive Pro, in conjunction with a powerful PC.

Live VR / 360º Streaming

With us, you can live stream 360 cameras to VR headsets in real time, allowing an unlimited number of people to view an event as if they were there themselves. It may be utilized for musical performances, sporting events, and business meetings.


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