Augmented reality



WebAR is augmented reality that occurs within a web browser rather than requiring the installation of an app. This means no software downloads for the end user and a faster path to the experience. As a result, it is frequently the preferred strategy for the majority of our clients.

Social AR

Social AR is augmented reality service that we provide that can be accessed through some of the most popular platforms, including Instagram and Facebook (Spark AR), Snapchat (Snaplenses), and now TikTok. The benefit of social AR is that there are already extremely strong technologies in place that enable for advanced, enjoyable, and spectacular AR with minimum effort/cost.

App Based AR

App-based AR is the most powerful kind of AR service we provide, allowing for the complete range of functionality accessible, including anything from using Apple’s lidar scanners to occlusion mapping and high-end world tracking. Allowing customers to display products right in their living space and interact with it.


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