Data integration

For increased information consistency and quality, we assist firms arrange their data across diverse data sources and databases. We can also develop and create contemporary data warehousing solutions, as well as update and modernize your existing DWH systems to meet current business logic and end-user requirements.

Accounting Integration

We save money by avoiding the manual labor and human mistakes that are inherent in non-integrated or standalone accounting solutions. We provide QuickBooks integration (including QuickBooks POS integration), Tally integration, and Xero integration services to assist small and large organizations in developing wiser investment plans.

ERP Integration

We provide Dynamics 365, SAP, and Dynamics NAV integration, among other services. Off-the-shelf ERP systems may handle a wide range of business processes. However, integrating ERPs with other enterprise systems to satisfy expanding company demands is one of the most difficult tasks. Intelegain provides ERP integration using a variety of ways, including point-to-point integrations, bespoke integration adapters/applications, and enterprise service bus integration, to create a unified application architecture.

Sign up integrations

Many websites now allow users to establish profiles and log in using Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other platforms. This is something we integrate in your website or application.  You can quickly add a “Log in with……..” button to your app with our plugin set-up, and our plugin will manage the OAuth procedure for you. This is a fantastic way to make the user onboarding process even more smooth.

CRM integration

CRM integration allows your business to import data from your CRM such as Salesforce, Highrise, and Marketo to power content. It can also help you export data from your website or blog to your CRMs so that you can use the information to update item

Payment gateway integration

We provide payment gateway integration which integrates a your website or app with a third-party global payment gateway. The integration offers the ability to collect and validate credit card information, routes transactions to the appropriate cardholder, and processes refunds in accordance with the policies of each individual gateway.

Live VR / 360º Streaming

With us, you can live stream 360 cameras to VR headsets in real time, allowing an unlimited number of people to view an event as if they were there themselves. It may be utilized for musical performances, sporting events, and business meetings.

Volumetric/Photogrammetry VR

We provide Volumetric VR, which recreates the actual world in VR using authentic photographs and video shot of people, locations, and items. This type of VR necessitates the use of a high-end headset, such as the HTC Vive Pro, in conjunction with a powerful PC.

360º VR Video

Our 360o VR Video exposes viewers to the heart of a story, allowing them to immerse themselves in a real-life or imaginary situation. 360o video is the most viral type of VR content, having the potential to reach millions, thanks to sites like YouTube and Facebook that support the format.

Interactive VR

The user may participate with the experience in interactive VR, transforming them from a passive observer to an active participant. You are transported to a completely immersive environment using our technology, which you may (usually) freely explore with six degrees of freedom. This means you can move about, lean down, look around, pick up, play, study, and do whatever you want; it’s a different universe.